This is not just any gym.
But it may be yours.

If a gym is a reflection of its owner, then you have just found one of the most remarkable gyms on earth.

Welcome to Body Maintenance.

A place owned and operated by a biomechanics PhD. That serves athletes, men, women, children, seniors and other regular folks. Where people train, learn, laugh, support each other, and get amazing results.

If you want to excel. If you hurt and you want to feel better. If you need a fresh start. If you want to be healthier than you’ve ever been. If you want to have fun. If you want to be strong. You’ve found the place you belong.



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What we believe.

A gym is not a room full of equipment. It is a firmly held set of beliefs. Here are ours:

  • We believe everyone who walks into this gym is our friend.
  • We believe in handshakes, not contracts.
  • We believe training should be fun and that you should always feel better for having come to the gym.
  • We believe every human being has the potential to be astonished by what they can achieve.
  • We believe each person deserves a training program that is specifically designed for him or her.
  • We believe that through proper training and therapy, nearly everyone can be pain-free.
  • We believe that most personal trainers are woefully undertrained, that online certifications are bogus, and that real education is the key to results.
  • We believe that taking performance-enhancing drugs is wrong.
  • We believe there is a massive difference between people who train drug-free and those who use performance-enhancing drugs. We train the first, not the second.
  • We believe in the joy of achieving a new personal best and the pleasure of learning something new.
  • We believe a gym should build both muscle and community.


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“I’m amazed that someone can possess so much knowledge about training. Dr. Art DiAntonio makes this a gym unlike any other.”

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How we coach.

First, a few specifics on our approach to coaching:

  • Coaching is included in the price of your membership. There is no extra charge to be coached by Art.
  • Every workout is custom-designed for you by Art.
  • You will receive personal feedback, encouragement and guidance throughout your workout. More when you need it, less when you don’t.
  • You can get your questions answered—on lifting, on weight-loss, on nutrition, on injury rehab, on life—at any time. Just ask.

Art’s coaching formula.

There is no secret formula for becoming a great coach. But if you pressed Art on the subject, he would tell you the formula was something like this:

  1. Learn a lot. Art studied with exceptional strength trainers. Then he got a PhD in Biomechanics from Johns Hopkins University.
  2. Test it on yourself. Art used his knowledge to excel—first in track and field, becoming an alternate for the ’76 Olympics, then by setting records in drug-free powerlifting.
  3. Share it with others. Art coached teams to championships in high school football and powerlifting. And he has spent over 30 years as a personal strength coach for everyone from kids to seniors.
  4. Care. Most importantly, Art believes everyone who walks into his gym is his friend. And he loves nothing more than helping his friends become stronger, healthier and better.

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Our services.

This is not just a gym. It’s a place designed to make you healthier in every way.
Here are the services that help us do that:

Everything you need to become stronger, faster, healthier, thinner, more mobile and better at your sport.

We develop treatment plans to improve function and quality of life in people with a wide range of injuries, illnesses and disabilities.

The most thorough, exhaustive and helpful fitness evaluation you will find anywhere—performed by the only strength coach in Rochester with a PhD in Biomechanics.

active-release-iconACTIVE RELEASE
This muscle therapy—relied on by many athletes—helps to release adhesions, relieve pain and improve performance.

womens-program-iconWOMEN’S PROGRAM
Women should be strong—and supported. So we offer training programs that are specifically and intelligently designed for women—and a community where women can feel comfortable and empowered.

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Art is smart

How many PhDs do you know who own a gym and train people to be stronger, healthier and happier? Well, now you know exactly one.
Here are some quick facts on Dr. Art DiAntonio, owner of Body Maintenance Gym:

  • Art has a PhD in Biomechanics from Johns Hopkins University.
  • He is the founder of the Lifetime Drug-Free Athletic Association and has never used performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Art was the strength coach for five high school football teams who had a combined record of 57-5-1.
  • He holds nine different certifications, including Gold-Certified Master Strength Coach.
  • Art holds the all-time squat record of 805 pounds from the World Natural Powerlifting Federation.
  • Art is number 2 in the deadlift at 775 pounds and number 5 in the bench press at 505 pounds.
  • He was an All American in track and field and was an alternate in the long jump for the 1972 Olympics.
  • Art coached four teams to national high school championships in powerlifting.
  • He also coached a combined team of men and women to a national open championship from the World Natural Powerlifting Federation.
  • Art loves to make people stronger, to make them surprised at what they can accomplish—and to make them laugh.

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quotes“Art is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met! And he genuinely wants you to be the best you can be.”

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